The Importance of a Family Veterinarian:


Just as your health depends on your family physician, your pet also benefits from a long-term relationship with your veterinarian. As your family veterinarian, we can become familiar with your pet. This will enable us to identify potential problems early when treatments are often easier and less expensive.

At each twice-yearly physical exam, your pet will receive far more than just health-protecting vaccinations. We will examine and note findings on your pet’s medical records for reference during your next visit. Over a long period, these records will help us note any changes that might affect your pet’s health. If your pet ever becomes injured or ill, we will be here to provide aid and assistance.

Our mission as your family veterinarian is to provide you and your pet with a superior level of service and care. With your help, we can ensure that your pet will live a happy, long, and happy life.


Ask us about our Preventive Care Packages!

Preventive care packages are a great way to get your pet everything he needs each year while spreading out the payments equally over 12 months. We have wellness plans available for both puppies and kittens, that include all of the vaccinations, exams, and a spay or neuter if they are needed. We also have 3 levels of adult plans for dogs and cats that include comprehensive exams, vaccinations, parasite checks, bloodwork, and upper-level plans that even include a teeth cleaning!

Packages also give members discounts on other treatments and services at the hospital, including food, grooming, and boarding.

Plans start at $25.95 per month.

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