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Our #1 priority is providing your pet with safe and effective medication. That’s why we work with a pharmacy that our practice has researched and trusts.

  • We work with a pharmacy that our practice has researched and trusts – they are fully accredited, with strict quality and safety standards.
  • Our online store is integrated with your pets’ medical records so you have more visibility into your pet’s treatment and care.
  • A trusted source with manufacturer-guaranteed products.
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Outside/Online Pharmacy Policy

Starting October 1, 2022, we will no longer approve prescriptions requests from outside pharmacy’s by phone, email, or fax. This DOES NOT mean that you cannot get your pets medication from an outside pharmacy. We will issue you a hand written prescription, that can be picked up at County Animal Hospital and can be taken or mailed to a pharmacy of your choosing.  Please make sure to check with your pharmacy in advance on their policies on how they accept written prescriptions, so there won’t be any lapse in medication if they require you to mail in the prescription. The only exception to this policy will be for prescriptions that require a compounding pharmacy for specific medication formulations for your pet.

Outside/Online Pharmacy Policy