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Subject: Dr. Mike and CAH staff
Author: Lisa Imbs
Date: 08/07/2018

My 6yr old husky mix needed knee surgery and our friend at Bentley’s Pet Store recommended CAH and Dr. Mike.  We have been treated with kindness and professionalism since day one.  Roxy just had her 8 week checkup and is ahead of schedule in her recover in large part thanks to rehab with Jaime.  Roxy got treated like a princess and she loves the staff, especially Alex.  I don’t think we’ll be able to go anywhere else at this point even for her regular checkups and shots.  So happy we were led here for her care!

Subject: Luxated Carpus & dental issues
Author: Bob Niehouse
Date: 05/11/2013

On Thanksgiving morning of 2012 my cat, Cole, fell off the kitchen counter, landed wrong and basically broke his left front wrist/ankle. I took Cole to see Dr. Vitucci at CAH. Dr. Vitucci went over all the options available; from putting on a splint to doing a full leg amputation. We discussed the situation for an hour, finally deciding on an operation to see if the bones of the wrist could be put back in place with plates and screws with no guarantee of success due to the seriousness of the break and the small size of the bones. The operation went well and about two months later Cole was walking normally with only a slight limp due to the bones of the wrist fusing. In March of 2013 it was found that Cole had a severe dental problem. Again, Dr. Vitucci and staff worked with me and they were able to fix the problem and 10 days after the operation Cole is a brand new cat and is not “grumpy” any more! Even though it is a 20 mile drive for me to get to CAH, this will be the only place I take Cole and my other cat Belle. Thank you Dr. Vitucci, all the other Vets and the staff at CAH.

Subject: TTA surgery
Author: Debbie Lenon
Date: 7/2/2012

My lab Deuce had his second surgrey done by Dr.Mike. As a medical professional myself I could not be more pleased. I was truely impressed with the time taken for education,questions and over all concern for my four legged companion. Deuce’s recovery was 100Jnd I would trust my care to any one of my 5 labs to Dr.Mikes care. The staff at County Animal Hospital go above and beyond !!! Anyone reading this review won’t be sorry if you give them a try….I promise!!!! : } My life in all about my dog’s !!

Subject: ACL surgery
Author: Denise Garwood
Date: 4/3/2012

I was referred to CAH for a second opinion on my Springer Molly’s need for orthopedic surgery. Molly’s surgery was successfully completed by Dr. Mike and his excellent team and Molly spent 2 weeks at the clinic for post op care. It was in her best interest to be at the clinic for the first 2 weeks and although it was difficult to leave her, she soon became family to the doctors and staff at CAH. I was able to visit with her at any time and we were both treated with outstanding care and compassion. She loved being with her new friends and they treated her like family. She received so much love that she loves to visit everyone during her follow up appointments. Molly’s surgery and recovery required complete commitment and CAH was able to help me through the critical time of her recovery by caring for her the first 2 weeks. Molly is half way through her recovery and she is doing great! She no longer walks on 3 legs in pain! CAH will now be caring for my 3 other dogs as well. They are a top notch clinic with all the latest technology and strive to be the best and in my opinion have far exceeded the level of excellent care! I would highly recommend CAH for all your vet needs, whether it be routine shots or complicated orthopedic surgery! You won’t regret it or be disappointed. And one more thing – Molly gets excited to go to the clinic and loves to visit with all the staff. Her tail never stops wagging with enthusiasm. I think her opinion says it best!

Subject: Patella Luxation
Author: Patty Goeke
Date: 3/16/12

We have a rat terrier whose kneecap kept going out of its socket. She required surgery to keep it from moving. Dr. Vitucci and the staff at County Animal Hospital performed the surgery and provided excellent follow-up care. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Our dog Anastasia is back to her usual self!

Subject: 4 Broken Metacarpals
Author: Kim Migneco
Date: 2/1/12

I had a great experience at County Animal Hospital. Our small dog broke her paw and Dr.Vituci did surgery and she did amazing ! The staff was wonderful and gave her lots of love when she was a patient. I highly recommend Dr.Vituci for surgery if needed.

Subject: ACL Surgery
Author: Brandon Mitchell
Date: 1/20/12

Dr.Vittucci did an amazing job with the acl surgery and abby. He great at what he does!

Subject: Femoral Head and Neck Removal
Author: Terri Kreienkamp
Date: 1/19/12

We have been so pleased with the results of this surgery. Our Westie, Mini, is as active as she was prior to the surgery. The care and concern the entire staff, particularly Dr. Mike, showed our family was amazing. Thank you so much! Doug & Terri

Subject: Surgery
Author: Bettye Siebels
Date: Recently

I cannot remember the exact dates that Dr Vitucci operated on Teddy Bear. One was to remove anal glands and the other was to repair a torn ligament in his back leg. Excellent results. I would trust Dr. Vitucci with a heart by pass for me!

Subject: Collapsing Trachea Repair (2 reviews)
Author: Trudy Stoein
Date: 12/21/11 & 12/23/11

Our nine year old yorkie TZ was in great need of this procedure. Dr. Vittucci was the only vet willing and able to do this repair. I had shopped around for over a year to find an answer to our prayers. This is a very limited procure and not many vets felt capable of the actually attempting the procedure. And in fact, suggest we resort to medical introvention. To no avail. Dr. vittuci felt confident he could fix the trechel collspde even when larger institutions shyed away from surgury. We felt extremely confidant in his doing this procedure. He was careful to advice of the risks involved. The procedure brought immediate relieve much to our amazement. The tecnology found in this facility is phemnominal.
Because TZ was in a episode the surgery was scheduled quickly. I highly reccomend this surgery and KNOW that it saved out beloved pet.I expect to hsve many more years of quality life for our beloved pet. If you are looking for relief and quality life for you pet I highly recommend Dr. Vittuci’s capable and experienced
hands. The staff and all involved were very proffessional. I might add the costs where entirely reasonable cosindering the amount of money we spend going from one facility to the next in search for answers. Our deepest gratitude go out to you and yours.

We were recommeded to Dr. Vittuci by Dr. Doug. She needed this surgury immediatly! Her stage was three out of four. As she was in an episode upon arrival. We found the staff professional and the service provided was excellent. Dr. Mike was extremely through in providing specific information about the surgery including the risks involved. We came away knowing that we had found an answer to TZ’s condition. We were very confidant with Dr. Mike and decided to proceed. We were especially happy with the care and follow-up after the surgery as well. After surgery the effect was immediate! She was able to breath through her nose. And had no complications what so ever. We are certain that this procedure literally saved her life. The technology (ie pictures of the surgury itself) is outstanding. Dr. Mike e-mailed us pictures during the time we could not see her. WE are so thankful to Dr. Vitucci and his staff for making our experience an excellent one. We would highly reccommend County Animal Hospital for it’s service and commitment. Thank you for being here for us in our time of need.

Subject: Femoral Fracture of Savannah
Author: Bob and Sheri Berg
Date: 12/1/11

Our 5 month old Savannah cat had a severe break in his hind leg. Dr. Vitucci was referred to us by our vet and performed surgery on him. We could not have expected a better outcome. Harley is as good as new, and we have Dr. Vitucci and his wonderful staff to thank for it. They not only provided medical care, but lots of love and attention to Harley. Thank you all for an incredible job!!

Subject: ACL Repair
Author: Phil Worrell, R.Ph., JD
Date: 11/30/11

Dr. Mike did an acl repair on our huskey four months ago. The operation was a complete succuss. He is back to normal and up to his old tricks. We were worried about inactivity or too much activity but James has done great. I would not hesitate to have the surgery. It has given us back our active best friend.

Subject: ACL Surgery (TTA)
Author: Dena Pedersen
Date: 10/27/11

This was the BEST thing we have done for our dog. She is doing WONDERFUL, and the doctor and staff are AMAZING here! I HIGHLY recommend doing this for your dog!

Subject: ACL Surgery
Author: Sue Snyder
Date: 10/19/11

Five months ago, Dr. Mike operated on our dog Sadie. He performed the TTA procedure on her right, rear knee. This was several months after an unsuccessful ACL surgery done at another hospital. She is happy and back to her mischief ways. Enjoying life and being a dog again. We are thrilled to see her healed and loving life. Thank you Dr. Mike and your staff for all you have done.

Subject: TTA Surgery vs Lateral Suture
Author: Linda Phelps
Date: 9/22/11

Our 7yr old dog Lucy had the TTA procedure done just 4 months ago at Co. Animal Hospital. She had had a Lateral Suture performed 3 yrs ago on the other knee which is less expensive and not not as stable as the TTA. Her recovery time was good, swelling but could tell she was uncomfortable with the feel. The other knee went out and this time we had the TTA perfomed. Recovery time was longer, she was hurting longer but I must say, 4 months out the knee with the TTA is stronger, straighter and you can tell she relies on that knee more than the other with the Lateral. She is now running with her sister around the yard and seems comfortable and happy. I would probably have the TTA performed again because I feel it is far more permanant and stable than the Lateral.

Subject: 4 week post-TTA
Author: B. Johnson
Date: 8/22/11

I have two Weimaraners and both have needed surgery. One of my Weimaraners had TPLO which was successful but the recovery time was far longer and more complicated than my other Weimaraner that just had TTA surgery at County Animal Hospital. In just 4 weeks since surgery-my weimaraner can put almost full weight on her leg, there is no swelling and we have almost completely eliminated pain medication. I would highly recommend TTA over TPLO surgery to anyone–especially since I can attest to having two dogs which have each had both procedures.

Subject: Liver Lobectomy
Author: Jim & Chris Pritchett
Date: 8/19/11

We are most grateful to Dr. Mike Vitucci and Dr. Stacey Bone for their expertise, knowledge and care in treating our 12 yr. old mix Golden Retriever, “Moses” by doing a very complex liver lobectomy. Dr. Vitucci and the staff at CAH are very professional and compassionate. The pre and post operative care by everyone was of very high quality. Moses is getting better each day, and sends his regards.

Subject: TTA Surgery
Author: Martha Pollard
Date: 8/17/11

My almost 2 year old Rottweiler, Zoe, partially tore her CCL and was limping. My vet recommended a TPLO repair, but I wandered in to County Animal Hospital for a 2nd opinion. I was so greatful to meet Dr. Mike Vitucci and hear about his experience with canine orthopedics. Fortunately, Zoe was able to have a TTA repair (based on Dr. Vitucci’s evaluation of her injury) instead of the TPLO. It was tough for both of us at first, and hard to see her (mostly)confined in her crate for several weeks. She did stay here at the hospital for a couple of weeks because it was hard for her to stay still (even in the crate) at home due to lots of activity in the house. We were welcome to visit her any time. To anyone going through this, I’d say hang in there, it is difficult at first, but now I’m very happy to report that we’re 8 weeks post-op and Zoe is doing FANTASTIC! She does not limp at all, and seems to be pain free. The day I’ve waited for is here – she gets to start walking rehab. I’m so thankful that I found Dr. Vitucci, and I’d recommend his orthopedic care to anyone. Lastly – the staff here is great – very caring!

Subject: Patella Luxation
Author: J. Williams
Date: 7/7/2011

Lil Bit as good as new! thanks Doc!

Subject: TTA
Author: Nadeen Myers
Date: 6/30/2011

It’s twelve weeks post-op and Leo is as good as new. He walks without a limp and no longer favors his leg when using the stairs. We will be going through this again with his other back leg and look forwad to having him back to his good old self. I am so grateful that this procedure existed and to no longer see my dog in pain.

Subject: TTA
Author: The Ingles
Date: 6/22/2011

Our Golden Retriever, Huxley, tore his ACL and ruptured his meniscus 12 weeks ago. Thanks to Dr. Vitucci and the caring staff, Huxley is back to his old ways of running, swimming, and playing catch. It was scary when he first got hurt and it seemed hard to imagine that he would be back to normal- but just 12 short weeks later, he is just that. We are so thankful that we chose County Animal Hospital for his surgery and recovery.

Subject: Mastiff- TPLO
Author: Donna Sorden
Date: 05-28-2011

I brought my mastiff to Dr. Vitucci the day before Thanksgiving where he diagnosed Zazu with tearing both of her ACLs. The news was devistating, as Zazu had just turned 1. He not only took the time to explain to me what exactly this meant and what options were available to me, he also made sure that I knew that this was no fault of mine. Zazu’s left back leg seemed to bother her quite a bit so she underwent TPLO on 12-8-2010. Though as heart broken as I was that Dr. Vitucci wanted to keep her there for an extended period of time due to her size, I agreed. Zazu spent almost two full weeks at the clinic. I was allowed to visit everyday with her in the kennel she stayed in and also learned how to care for her when she came home. The staff there really made me feel more at ease to see that they were truly caring for Zazu like she was one of their own pets. At about two months post surgery the tear was completely healed and at three months Zazu was finally released from her confinement time and allowed to begin her rehab. At our five month check today, Zazu has gained 15 more pounds (now at 140 pounds and still gaining and almost two inches in muscle in her back left leg). Dr. Mike was there to answer any questions or concerns I had at any time and his words of encouragement is what got me through the first three months. Though I hope no dog has to go through this, I would recommend Dr. Mike and his staff to everyone. I would also recommned TPLO if this was the only option to improve their own pets ability to have a health happy life. The one think I learned through all of this is to listen to what Dr. Mike tells you regarding the recovery, confinement, and therapy, and to realize that the first three months following surgery is very hard and you must stick with what is recommended, and if you follow the recommendations you to will have a much happier dog. Zazu now runs, plays soccer and rough houses with Simba (my german shepherd) and to see her doing what she enjoys is an absolute amazing feeling. Zazu still has her right leg to go, but we are ready and are planning the surgery for August, 2011.

Subject: Bladder Stones
Author: Cheryl Land
Date: 5/9/2011

Our Bichon Charlie developed blood in his urine when we were out of town and our daughter had to bring him in for a diagnosis. The staff was very helpful and caring. Dr. Vitucci called us while we were in Seattle and patiently explained in great detail all that was entailed. His surgery and recovery went well and we are happy to have Charlie back to normal so soon. The staff has always made us very comfortable and make us feel well cared for. Thank you for your great care and service to our family.

Subject: TTA
Author: Ingles
Date: 4/27/2011

Our relatively young Golden distroyed his ACL and ruptured his meniscus disc in his hind leg. Our vet sent us to County Animal Hospital, where he had surgery to restore his knee. Our beloved boy is doing wonderful. The staff at County Animal Hospital was very caring to our animal and to us. They were very informative and described everything in great detail so we never felt like we were left out of the loop. We have had a positive experience and our dog is recovering wonderfully.

Subject: TTA (ACL rupture)
Author: Suzanne Divine
Date: 3/21/11

November of 2010 my english bulldog Daisy tore her ccl ligament. With some research online, the choice was clear. Dr. Mike Vitucci, at county animal hospital, was very clear on what we should expect, and what exactly the TTA operation was. I was very impressed with the whole staff as a matter of fact. It is now 4 months after the surgery and daisy is now fully healed, which is fast. You can see his passion for the well being of our pets. thanks Dr. Mike for giving daisy the best care!!!!!!!

Subject: Caudal Cruciate & Medial Collateral Ligament Tear
Author: Rob Horsfield
Date: 2/1/11

My 18 month old Lab, Auggie tore his Caudal Cruciate ligament, Medial Collateral ligament, and Meniscus. Dr. Vitucci was one of several St. Louis area surgeons with whom I consulted. Before leaving my initial consultation, I knew Dr. Vitucci was the right surgeon to care for my best friend.
Two months after surgery, Dr. Vitucci is more than pleased with our results and progress thus far. With each passing day, Auggie gets to experience a slightly more “normal” dog lifestyle.
Just by speaking with Dr. Vitucci, and his staff, you understand how truly passionate they all are about caring for animals.
Thank you Dr. Mike, and thanks to your entire team! I know you provided Auggie with the best care possible and the proper guidance to make this the success story it is today. -Rob

Subject: Liver Lobe Resection
Author: Maria Anglo
Date: 1/17/11

Recently our overweight 10y/o standard poodle, Zeus lost a significant amount of weight. Initially we were delighted, however we soon realized there was something else causing his weight loss. Dr. Vitucci found and removed a 4lb liver tumor. Zeus has made a remarkable recovery. He initiates play, has a healthy appetite and is at an appropriate weight. Thank you CAH!

Subject: Luxating Patella
Author: Shane Seely
Date: 12/23/2010

Thanks to Dr. Vitucci and his staff for the wonderful care they provided our Willow during her surgery and recovery. She is healing better than we could have hoped. Thanks especially to Dr. Vitucci for always being willing to answer our questions and calm our fears. We always felt as though he cared as much about Willow as we do!

Subject: Retroperitoneal Mass/Splenic Mass
Author: Chuck Ainsworth
Date: 12/14/2010

We are so happy with the treatment our Henry has received from Dr. Vitucci and the staff at County Medical Hospital. Henry has undergone two surgeries in the last three months and has come through with flying colors. The attention Dr. Vitucci gave was outstanding. He went out of his way to let us know what was going on, both during the surgery and as he was recuperating. And we are just happy to have our little friend with us for a while longer. He is acting like a puppy not letting us know he’s really 12 years old.
Again, thank you so much for your loving care given to Henry. You are a terrific surgeon and friend to Henry.

Subject: TTA (ACL Surgery)
Author: James J.
Date: 12/13/2010

It’s now a year after Daisy’s TTA surgery, and you would have never known she had a torn ACL. She is fully back to her crazy Lab ways, running around full force without a care in the world. Thanks Dr. V!

Subject: Gall Bladder Mucocele/Liver Lobe Removal
Author: Mike Hankins
Date: 12/13/2010

Thanks for taking such good care of my dog. Jessie was in a lot of pain, and at age 15, I was concerned about gall bladder removal surgery. I was suprised at how fast she recovered. Her appetite and energy levels were normal after only a few post-op days. It’s been a couple of months, and she is doing very well. Thanks again!

Subject: Large bowel resection
Author: Kathy Marshall
Date: 12/8/2010

My cat Sadie had a large bowel resection performed by Dr. Vitucci and Dr. Bone. She presented with loss of appetite, weight loss, and vomiting. After Dr. Bone’s first assessment he found that she had a mass in her abdomen and ultrasound revealed it was around her large intestine. Both Doctors spent alot of time explaining everything and reassuring me that she would be well taken care of. I was afraid I would have to put her down but Dr. Vitucci was confident that the mass was resectable. Dr. Bone called me after surgery had begun to let me know that not only was she was doing fine but that the surgery was also going well. I’m an Operating Room nurse so I’m well aware of how difficult this procedure is on a human. I can’t imagine how difficult and tedious it is on a little cat. She woke up a couple of hours after surgery, groggy of course but by late that afternoon was walking around in her cage meowing. I was allowed to visit her the next day and I couldn’t believe how good she was doing. She was originally going to stay for about a week but a procedure like this can have a multitude of post operative complications so I decided it would be best to let her stay in the hospital for a few extra days just to be safe. They encouraged me to visit whenever I wanted so I went every day. Each day she was more and more like her old self. The Doctors and the staff could not have been nicer or more professional. They were always so gentle with her. Sadie has been home for almost a week now and she’s eating solid food and beginning to play like she did before she became so ill. I’ve called a couple times since to ask questions about this and that and I’m always treated kindly by everyone. Pets are wonderful loving little creatures put on this earth for us to love and take care of. They love and take care of us in ways we don’t even know. I know Sadie won’t live forever and I would never put her through anything that would be inhumane just so I don’t feel sad. But I felt good about my decision to go ahead with surgery and I’m very happy with the outcome. I’ll always be grateful to the Doctors and staff for giving us more time together.

Subject: Disk Surgery
Author: “Slinky” Koller
Date: 11/13/10

You guys are great! It’s been almost a year now since Dr Vitucci did my back surgery and I’m doing great. I was completely paralyzed and now I’m back on my feet again. I really appreciate all the personal attention that everyone at County Animal Hospital shows me when I come to visit. Dad says he wouldn’t take me anywhere else.

Subject: TPLO
Author: “Sadie”
Date: 10/12/10

We can’t thank you enough for the excellent job you and your staff did with Sadie’s TPLO surgery. She is walking without any difficulties at all after 3 months. Again, we and Sadie thank you. We highly recommend the surgery and you and your staff.

Subject: Two TTAs
Author: Brad A
Date: 9/3/2010

Our Lab suffered 2 torn ACLs about 4 months apart. Dr. Mike Vitucci perfomed a TTA procedure on both knees and they was both very successful.

Dr. Vitucci would be my first choice for any orthopedic procedure. I greatly respect him for his dedication and love of his profession. He truly loves my dog. I highly recommend County Animal hospital and Dr. Vitucci to care for your pet.

Subject: eye lid tumor removal
Author: Bev Williams
Date: 8\24\10

My Dog Nick had a skin tag looking growth on his upper eyelid along the lash line. It had started to cause irritation and therefor needed to be removed. I could have cared less how it looked either bofore or after the surgery, but Dr. Michael Vitucci could have been a plastic surgeon. It looks perfect! And the best part is no more irritation!

Subject: TTA Surgery
Author: Jill & Jeff
Date: June 1, 2010

Dr. V did an excellent job getting our furry baby back to 100% from totally gimpy to ready for squirrel hunting season in no time at all (ok, there’s been a healing period). After phyisical therapy (controlled walks) she’ll be good to go very soon! The staff is great, and Dr. V is super knowledgable about orthopedic surgery, helping us to understand our options, and choose the right procedure for Charlie.
Thanks to the whole team.

Subject: Broken feline leg (Tibia)
Author: Barry Oliver – [email protected]
Date: June 23, 2010

Imagine the horror, on January 8 of this year to arrive home after work and finding Poe with a broken left hind leg. Still unsure as to the events, as only he and his sister were home – evidence was a basket went down the stairs and had to have landed on him. After a trip that Friday night to the emergency clinic, confirming the diagnosis, I picked up Poe and took him to see Dr. Mike early Saturday. It was not a hard decision to make, he could recover. Dr. Mike used his skills and after a plate and screws; the images before and after are amazing. Poe came home the following Thursday. Hardest of all was to use a dog crate for weeks to house the little boy, who wanted to run around with his sister. After several check up x-rays and now six months later, he is running around chasing his sister again. There was a minor setback during recovery with a drug issue, and now a kidney weakness, but K/D Prescription diet and he and Olivia are as active as ever. Thanks to Dr. Mike and all the staff!

Subject: Mandibulectomy
Date: 5/28/10
Author: Todd and Stephanie Loehr

We brought our 16 year old cat to Dr. Vitucci. She had oral cancer. We had the procedure done and he did a wonderful job. The nurses were wonderful taking care of Boo and giving instructions when I picked her up. She came home with a feeding tube. During her recovery, I made numerous calls to the office and was reassured each time. Boo did wonderful during recovery. She began eating almost immediately after coming home. She was playing and purring and happy. She continued to eat better and better and become more of herself. On the 11th day her feeding tube came out. We could tell she was ready. She was eating consistently, and almost her normal self again. We are so pleased that we decided to save Boo with this surgery. And we are so grateful to Dr. Vitucci and his willingness to do this for our family. His staff was more than gracious as well. We couldn’t be happier. Boo says thank you, too.

Subject: Medial Patella Luxation
Date: 5/26/10
Author: Raese & Ann Simpson

Our little AFFENPINSCHER, SADIE, had her right leg retracting. At first we thought the problem was pulled muscle. Since it did not clear itself (she was walking on 3 legs)we brought her to County Amimal. Dr Vitucci explained the problem. At one year old we were heart broken to see this little dog have to go through major surgery. Amazingly her recovery was very quick. With 2 months she was back running and jumping!! No more trouble since. Good job DOC and thanks!!

Subject: Hip Surgery
Date: January 2008
Author: Brenda Cockrell

After adopting an Australian Shepard puppy, Banya, she started to develop a very bad limp. Dr. Vituci quickly diagnosed the problem and recommended surgery to remove part of her hip bone. He was great about laying out the total cost of the surgery and delivering on his promise of taking care of our new family member.

Banya is continuing to do great 2 years after the surgery. I’m always amazed when I get a friendly check-in from Dr. Vituci to track her progress.

I’ve never had a vet as caring as Dr. Vituci and I cannot thank him enough for allowing Banya to have a full and happy life. THANK YOU!

I would highly recommend the County Animal Hospital to anyone looking for a caring vet. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service or the results!


Subject: Guiness was SAVED!
Date: 1/29/10
Author: Christopher Dobbs

Our lovable Mixed Breed dog “Guinness” ate a couple of socks (really!) He managed to vomit one sock back up but the other became a blockage in his tummy plumbing. Poor Guinness wasn’t doing very well by the time we got him into CAH!
Fortunately Doctor Vitucci’s prompt diagnosis and surgery saved Guinness and we even got the sock back (Eeeww). We were afraid we would lose our little buddy but he is better than ever now! Doctor Vitucci is a miracle worker! We are so delighted our dog is happy and healthy thanks to County Animal Hospitals excellent care!

Subject: TTA Surgery
Date: 12/7/09
Author: Randy & Teri

Comments: TTA vs. TPLO First off, Dr. Vitucci was great and treated our pit bull (Lexi) as if she was his own, Thanks Dr. Vitucci. In May, Lexi had TPLO done on her left knee at another hospital. After 10-12 weeks, she was healed. It was a long, grueling process as she seemed as if she was in pain off and on again. In October, Lexi had completely torn her right knee. We decided to have the TTA surgery and if had to choose again, would ALWAYS choose TTA. For about the same cost as we had already paid for TPLO, we decided to try it with worries of how the two legs would work together. Dr. Vitucci assured us there would be no issues, that the TTA just feels better and is more normal to them. When we picked Lexi up, she was already walking on the leg. As soon as the cast was removed, she was walking on it as if she hadn’t even had surgery. Lexi has displayed no discomfort or issues with pain with the TTA surgery and you can tell that she just “feels better.” Actually, we experienced more issues trying to keep our 3-year old pit bull calm after the surgery. She was just wanting to play constantly and walk, and it was harder to keep her at ease through the healing process. We are 8 weeks after surgery, and her leg is “like new”. She is back to walking normal, playing, and even her daily car rides. If I had to choose a surgery that would make my dog feel the best, I would choose TTA forever and always. A special thanks to Dr. Vitucci and the staff at County, it is nice to know that you can trust your pet to such great and caring people. Thanks again!

Subject: Carpal Arthrodesis Surgery
Date: December 3, 2009
Author: Rebecca Stevens

Comments: My little girl Sandy, has had surgery on three of her four legs at County Animal Hospital. Dr. Vitucci and the staff at CAH were always very helpful and supportive. During my frequent trips to the office for bandage changes, the staff were very friendly and answered all of my questions. Dr. Vitucci and the techs were very careful and loving with Sandy during each of her visits, always taking the time to thoroughly explain everything with the surgery and recovery process. Sandy is on her way to being a healthy and active dog, once again. I am very pleased with everything at County Animal Hospital.

Subject: TTA Surgery
Date: 11/30/2009
Author: Rich Faeth

Comments: My dog Mocha had TTA surgery earlier this year and i couldn’t have asked for better results. I think her repaired knee is stronger and better then her other knee now. Dr. Vitucci couldn’t believe how fast she progresseed and was walking within two weeks. I would recommend this to anybody who has a active dog. She was 11 at the time of the surgery and now will most likely live another 5 years pain free. Thanks Dr. Vitucci

Subject: TTA
Date: Nov 19, 2009
Author: Terry Henderson

Our Huskey, Maya, recently had surgery performed by Dr. Vitucci just three weeks ago. With his expertise and advise, she is doing extremely well. As an outdoors dog, she is already driving us crazy as she wants to get up and go. Her soreness seems to be almost entirely gone and, although restrained, she is chomping at the bit to return to her outdoor lifestyle. We appreciate Dr. Vitucci’s skill and care in getting Maya recovering and returning to her normal self.

Subject: TTA Surgery
Date: Fri Oct 9 2009 16:52
Author: Gayle Benson ([email protected])

My 5 year old Golden started limping one day. I brought her in to have her examined and x-rays performed. Upon further examination she needed to have surgery and the TTA surgery was recommended. Now 12 weeks post surgery she is weight bearing and limping minimally. Dr Vituuci was great answering all my questions. I would recommend this surgery.

Subject: Luxating Patella
Date: Mon Sep 28 2009 15:07
Author: Karinn & Jim Granger ([email protected])

Our 10 yr old Yorkie, Jami, had been a very active and playful dog most of her life. But around age 8, she stopped wanting to go for walks. It then progressed to where she couldn’t get up and down steps very well. Then very quickly she was not able to get up and often collapsed on her rear end. She could barely get up. It was devastating to see our beautiful and happy dog this way.

She had level 3 & 4 luxated patellas on her knees. At this point, the only choice for her was surgery to re-align her knee caps and torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

We knew there was no other facility that we trusted to take care of Jami. Dr. Vitucci gave us detailed explanations of everything and patiently answered all our questions. We were impressed with Dr. Vitucci’s knowledge and training.

Jami had three knee surgeries over 6 month period performed by Dr Vitucci. A few months after her first surgery on her left knee, she was already more active than she had been. Now, 7 months after her last surgery on her right knee, she is back to her spirited and active self! We just marvel to see her gallop up the stairs and running around; which we thought would never happen again.

Dr. Vitucci is truly gifted and talented as a doctor and surgeon. The entire staff is the most caring, professional, courteous, and kind people. We have taken our dogs to three other veterinary clinics in the past, but there is no better place than County Animal Hospital! Jami and Minki have been coming to County Animal Hospital for the last 8 years and we are so blessed to have such great people looking after our four-legged babies!

Dr. Vitucci’s knowledge, expertise and skill along with his caring staff have given new life to Jami! We’re very grateful and we love you all!

Subject: Tracheal Prothesis
Date: Wed Sep 23 2009 16:24
Author: Sharp donna and jim ([email protected])

There is no better vet in the state of Mo. We felt that the entire procedure was a little high. However i will never trust my baby to anyone else. There is no doubt that he knows what he is doing. I guess you get what you pay for.

Subject: TTA
Date: Wed Jul 22 2009 10:56
Author: Bill Kiefer

My dog Obi, a Shar-Pei, had TTA surgery performed by Dr. Vitucci in April. Two years ago she had TPLO surgery on the other knee. Dr. Vitucci thoroughly explained the procedure and took lots of time with us at each visit. The outcome has been terrific. Obi seemed to recover much more quickly and with less discomfort than her TPLO surgery. She is back to walking normally and does not favor the leg at all. If you have a dog with a ruptured ACL please consider this surgery. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Subject: Malignant Histiocytosis (MH)
Date: 11/1/11
Author: Dr. Michael Vitucci

I never thought I would be writing a review in this column. My dog, Salomon, 7.5 yo Bernese Mountain Dog has cancer. In Feb 2011, I was examining him and felt a 4 cm mass in the region of his spleen. I ultrasounded his belly and found a splenic mass. The next day I removed his spleen and sent it for histopathology. It came back as a histiocytic nodule (three pathologists looked at it) and concluded that it was caught early. Needless to say, here I am 9 months later giving my dog chemotherapy, because there are masses in his liver and lung. MH is a very aggressive cancer and typically is not diagnosed till late in the disease. I started Salomon on CCNU (oral chemo). About 8 days later his white blood cells were low and he became a bit more tired than normal. I started him on antibiotic just to be safe. Three days later he was doing much better. I am now fighting high calcium levels (hypercalcemia of malignancy). He has had a Pamidronate infusion to reduce the levels. He tolerated that just fine. I know I can’t cure him, but I can be sure to give my buddy the best remaining time that I can. He is the love of my life and we have gone through good and bad times and I will always be grateful for those precious times. I feel chemotherapy has benefits when used appropriately and can give our pets a good quality of life for the time we have left with them.

Subject: Prostate Cancer
Date: 6/22/2011
Author: Barb Augustine

Our experience with chemo therapy has been much better than we expected it to be. No ill effects on our dog and the tumor has gotten smaller in three months time. we would certainly recommend this.

Subject: Hemangiosarcoma
Date: 2/19/2011
Author: Jan Dawson

Libby has had three chemo treatments, and has not suffered any negative effects so far. no hair loss or loss of appetite, only some tiredness the day of chemo, but the next day she has been her usual self. Switched her food to more protein and less carbs. She doesn’t seem to know she has cancer.

Subject: Mammary Cancer
Date: 1/31/11
Author: Connie Green

My 8 year old Standard Poodle, Bidelia, was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2008. She had twelve monthly chemotherapy treatments ending in September 2009. She tolerated the treatment very well. At almost 11, she is doing well, in good weight and continuing her activities. We appreciate the care she has received.

Subject: Bladder Cancer
Date: 12/27/10
Dave Harlan

Our 14 year old female coon hound, Jessie, was diagnosed with cancerous bladder tumor in mid-summer. It was in an inoperable region, so Dr. Vitucci suggested a four treatment round of chemotherapy. Jessie tolerated the treatment very well. Side effects were minimal. Her last ultra-sound showed that the tumor growth had stopped and that it had retreated somewhat. While every treatment situation is different, this has worked out well for Jessie and for us. We’re very grateful.

Subject: Wisconsin Protocol
Date: 1/27/10
Author: Keith Lissant

About a year ago, our Golden Retriever, Molly, was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer, and the Wisconcin Protocol was recommended. I checked with two or three other Vets, and they all agreed that this was the best course of action. We decided this was what we would do, and started treatment. Molly did not have any adverse reactions. She was monitored constantly, and did not seem to mind the treatments. All of the staff got to know her very well, and still come to see her when we come in for checkups. We have been very pleased with the results and about five months after the treatments ended, Molly is still going strong as an active 14 year old dog. This seems to have been the right choice for us.

Subject: Splenic Mast Cell Cancer
Date: 1/27/10
Author: Lonnie Miller

About 14 months ago the vet we were seeing told us that our 11 year old cat, Cozette, had about 1 to 2 months to live. We decided to have Dr. Vitucci take look at her last January. He diagnosed Cozette with Splenic Mast Cells and his advice was to remove the spleen and start Chemotherapy which we did. Cozette for almost a year was like a kitten again, chasing her tail, annoying our dog, etc. The treatments did not seem to bother her at all – no hair loss, no vomiting, none of the typical human reactions. Unfortunately, Cozette died a month ago. Dr. Vitucci was very honest with us from the outset about her survival chances but he offered us hope for months of quality time and we had 1 full year. We highly recommend County Animal Hospital and Dr. Vitucci for his honest approach and diligent care.


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